• too bad im not good enough for any of them

  • nearly all my tabs in my browser are literary magazines i want to work at or submit to oops

  • i kinda miss being in brick/mortar school because there were a lot of friendships i wanted to develop

    like i had like miiillllliiiioooonnnnssss of ‘good acquaintances’ that i would have liked to develop but

    i mean i know deep down i made the right decision tbh

    once my mental stuff quits acting up i’ll have energy to practice bassoon soooo much and i’ll get so good

    plus i’ll be able to take community college classes online and i have more time overall like the busiest day i have is from 9:30 to 2 which is 2 hours and about 30 minutes less than my old high school

    and all my lessons are really easy so far

    English isn’t too easy

    math is getting to be kinda difficult like I forgot pretty much everything omg but a lot of other people did too lol like there’s this girl Britanny in my class and she remember even less than I did

    (not to be mean though)

    (i dont know what she’s done and where she’s been you never know)

    government is boring but i wanna switch to AP government because 1 its ap so i’ll get college credit if i pass the test 2 its only a half credit somehow so i’ll be able to take AP psych as well. 

    marine science is so dumb i wanna switch into environmental science

    java is really hard but i think i got the assignment? i dont wanna turn it in yet tho cause i bet im wrong lol

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  • the da

    i did a whole bunch of lessons

  • omg for my live lesson in marine science we’re watching a video of the foo fighters??????

  • hte day

    at midnight i started school that was fun

    i already completed 15 lessons ;D 

    i also went to b&n but things happened that made me sad

  • today chalrote + me went to new hope!!

    i got tchaik 5+6 scores  (Chatle stole 6) and also the book frankenstein for my “Advanced PLacement English Literature and Composition Course” as chalte calls it. 

    also i got a pumpkin spice CHAI frappucino and it was amazing

    i had starbucks twice it was great

    turkey pesto panini had NO PEPPERS FOr some reason it was perfect

    also the heat made me shake and shit it got bad

    but charlemagne boguht me the most amazing chai tea

    the french bakery was closed


  • the day

    i slept till five

    its only 7 but im already bored

  • my brother physically hurts me

    and my mom still sides with him

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    Ok so here are my courses and how i feel about them (for my sake not yours - you don’t need to read this)

    AP Calculus AB  - on the one hand im not sure i can even handle this class, and yet part of me keeps saying “lol loser you’re not taking BC?” i failed it last year but that was during the Bad Times and its very different now. plus its online school. i think i’ll do ok

    AP Literature - im actually really excited for this course because i’ll finally get back into reading and omg im just gonna be so educated by the end of this class. fancy

    Honors Marine Science - I wanted to take AP Environmental but my bitch counselor was like “honestly thats a lot of ap courses” well honestly i couldn’t care less what you think :) but of course i had to say yes. she said i can change it if im doing well tho

    Honors Government - Im really not looking forward to this class omg first of all its fucking us gov like bye. secondly the teacher i can tell is a huge bitch and holds live lessons every. fucking. day. if i attend 50% of them though i don’t have to take the midterm exam lol so im definitely doing that.

    Java Programming - LOL FUCK NO im switching this to web design later (i need a technology credit)

    then health and gym blah blah

    i want to add AP Art history because its interesting probably

    so if i do well in all my classes (getting A’s), i can bump up the level and take AP Calc, AP Lit, AP Environmental, HMarine, HGov, Web Design, and AP Art history. Four AP’s is pretty good right

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